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Wooden briquettes

We produce fuel briquettes. Input for the production of briquettes is wood waste, which contains mainly sawdust of birch plywood and pine shavings.. Briquettes are packed and sold in boxes lined with a plastic bag, which is tied at the end of the clamping band, which prevents access of moisture.

Composition of briquettes:

Birch plywood - attestation from the Engineering Test Institute in Brno

Spruce shavings from dried lumber according to FAO ISPM 15

Boxes are based on EURO pallets. Advance payment for box and pallet is 100 CZK for one. So all together 200 CZK.



Number of boxes Price in CZK, without VAT
1 1000
3 and more 800

The approximate weight of one box of briquettes is 450 kg

Briquettes of stock can be verified on phone number 566 523 633 or email info@kabelovebubny.cz