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About company

The company KABELOVÉ BUBNY A BEDNY S.R.O. was founded in 1992. After its establishment we were repairing, repurchasing and distributing cable drums for KABLO Velké Meziřící. In the following year, the company began to contact other cable plants and other potential customers of our product range. With the increasing activity and production volume the needs of additional space were growing too. Workshops and warehouses were expanding. The company investing in new technologies needed premises for its growing range of manufactured drums. Currently the area of the company is about 8000 m2 and has 35 permanent employees.

A new affiliate of the KBB was opened in Kladno in May 2010. The area of this affiliate is about 13 000 m2 and its task is to help overloaded production capacities in Velké Meziříčí. It will ensure an easier coverage of purchaser´s needs in Prague and in the region to the west from Prague. Affiliate has 10 permament employees.

We manufacture, repair and sell cable and other drums from various materials.

Metal drums are manufactured according to technical conditions TP KBB 1 issued in 1993. They are made of pressed tin plate. We can provide various surface treatment according to customer´s requirements. The black colour of drums is standardized for most of our customers.

Wooden drums are manufactured in accordance with TP KBB 3/2011 and according to adjusted norm ČSN, DIN, KTG. Wooden drums are used mainly for export needs, and currently we produce only from the heat-treated material according to FAO ISPM 15.

From the viewpoint of the company´s history, plywood reels are our youngest products featuring the highest productivity too. They are produced according to KBB TP 3 from fully certified materials. We are currently producing about 70 standard types in all possible parameters and combinations. We are able to combine reels with plate, wood or plastic material. The product line begins with a flange diameter of 300 mm and ends with size of 1 400 mm. There are various possibilities of combinations, and we are able to produce reels with carrying weight of as much as 1000 kg. Since 2012, we have focused on improving the quality of manufacturing in relation to productivity, which resulted in the purchase of new CNC machining centers. In 2015, we focused on automating production and we bought robots, which produces plywood flanges. In the coming years we want to increase the level of "healthy" automation of production. Plywood drums find use at manufacturers of cables, wires, tubes, such as HDPE, and other microducts

We currently cooperate with companies which supply us with various components and semi-finished products to manage the increasing volume of orders.

We supply our products to almost all cable factories in the Czech Republic, exports goes to Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark and other countries. Indirect exports to Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and France.

We also offer steel abrasive blasting, which serves as a useful preparation for further surface treatment.

Since 2005, the company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2001 including the international registration of CQS and IQ Net. We are also comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 18,001