!! 600 KČ ZA KRABICI !!

Driven drums

After mutual discussions with some cable manufacturers our company managed to unite the attitudes and conditions that are associated with previous approach in the management of the drums.

These new terms will apply to all traders who engage in the sale of cables and wires in the Czech republic and Slovakia
. From this reason, we believe that this change will help to simplify and improve our services.

The condition for the participation of traders in this new service is signing a document - Contract for the repurchase of cable drums.

Avizo can be sent by e-mail - svozbubny@kabelovebubny.cz, info@kabelovebubny.cz or fax: +420 566 524 233


Contact person: Ing. Josef Zrůst
Tel.: +420 566 523 681
GSM: +420 777 717 931
Email: zrust@kabelovebubny.cz

We have two trucks with trailers and one smaller truck. We try to maximize the use of these vehicles for import and export of drums. If our cars are busy, we use the services of other freight forwarding companies.